Sailing With the Magnificent Sea Cloud

Passengers who board the Sea Cloud are told they are boarding a legendary ship; and indeed they are! Fans of sailboats are usually attracted to cruising with Sea Cloud. This classic yacht first debuted in the 1930s and has maintained its three masts, which tower as high as a 20-story building. At the time it was built, the ship was the biggest private yacht owned by E.F. Hutton and his wife Marjorie Merriweather Post, the heiress to the successful American cereal company. Today, the Sea Cloud is a certified glamorous windjammer gliding through the sea with its very recognizable three masts and white sails.

Because it was built as a form of stately residence, Sea Cloud is both elegant and comfortable. Measuring 360 feet, Sea Cloud offers ample space especially in public areas on the top deck. Relax in one of the deck chairs and watch the crew members as they admiringly set the ship’s 30 sails. To complete the vintage look of the ship, the decks are made of hardwood material like teak and mahogany. The sun loungers on boards are of the wooden “steamer” style.

After it was bought by avid German yachtsmen, the ship underwent some refurbishing especially in terms of accommodation. However, the cabins have kept their nice antique mahogany furniture, oil paintings and carved oak paneling, detailed ceilings and parquet flooring. Equipped with 28 staterooms and the two original suites of the owners, Sea Cloud can cater to 58 guests. The staterooms are in different sizes and configurations because the ship was originally built as a private yacht. If you like space and style, consider booking one of the suites, which are part of the original accommodation on board. Aside from providing more space, the suites also come with a fireplace, original Chippendale furniture, French canopy bed and a marble bath.

Though the d├ęcor of Sea Cloud is made to be elegant, the atmosphere onboard is less formal. You can usually wear shorts and relax on the lounge chairs during the day. In the evenings, smart casual attire for dinner is usually acceptable. The only time that you really need to dress more formally is during the Captain’s Welcome Aboard Dinner. Sea Cloud gives you the feeling that you are truly on a sail boat, the sailors who climbed the rigging even sing seafaring songs on the last night of the cruise.

Sea Cloud’s shipboard services and dining experience promise to be top class. Meals are served at the restaurant on the promenade deck, next to a cozy lounge. Like a private yacht, the tables are typically long and there are no fixed seating places. On a nice day, you can have your lunch on the lido deck, which also houses the lido bar.

Medical services on the ship are offered with no additional charge. For most of the year, this ship sails the Caribbean region as well as the European and Mediterranean waters. Unlike other more modern tall ships, the rigging is off limits to passenger as they are older and have a different design and structure. One of the highlight facilities on board is the “Blue Lagoon”, situated at the stern of the boat. This is the perfect place to relax in the evening and get a full view of the wide night sky.

The original Sea Cloud and newer Sea Cloud II, provide a very romantic adventure with the spirit of yesteryear sailing along with you. Read the rich history of Sea Cloud and you will want to be on board immediately.

Don’t worry if there is no wind. Even though the vessel run mainly on sail, the original engine room remains intact just in case it’s needed.

The Most Important Considerations When Buying a Lecture Desk

The good old lecture desk or lectern is a major piece of furniture for anyone that has to give public speeches, talks, presentations, or lectures. They are the piece of furniture that will provide the speaker with an easier job of delivering their voice in a powerful, efficient and more organized way.

Over the years, the lecture desk has evolved with technology and we now have lecterns such as the electronic lecture system that offers a complete modern lecturing system with operating systems, monitors, recording abilities, and is basically an all-purpose desk that will suit any need.

However, there are a number of considerations to make before purchasing any lectern or electronic lecture desk system.

The Material of Your Lecture Desk

The type of material that you choose for your lecture desk is an important decision to make and will depend on its purposes usually. Is the material you choose more important for its aesthetic beauty, more important for practicality and mobility, or simply for durability?

Plastic is ideal if you are looking for a lightweight option that can be moved around easier and is more practical. If you want something a bit more stable that is going to stay in the same place for the majority of the time, then hardwood could be the way to go. Other materials include acrylic, different types of wood and even glass.


Another consideration that you will have to make is whether or not you require a lectern that is going to remain in one place or one that you wish to offer a good level of mobility that can be moved around with ease. Some are built to be sturdy but are not easily moved while others are constructed of lightweight materials that can make the process of moving them around far easier.

The Functionality

A lectern can be anything from a basic lectern with nothing more than a place to put our notes, speeches, and other written media to having microphones, PC’s, tablets, wi-fi connectivity, and features such as being able to record the entire audio and video of the lecture.

Of course, many a modern day lecture will make use of the most update technology such as an electronic lecture system whilst more basic lectures, speeches, and presentations will not require much more than a microphone.


So as you can see, the type of lectern or electronic lecture desk system that you choose will basically comes down to your individual needs and requirements. The material, mobility and the sort of features that the lectern will have will be the most common considerations for anyone purchasing one.

Home Cleaning Made Easier With Robotic Vacuum Cleaners

The introduction of vacuum cleaners was a very practical solution. They help get rid of dust, dirt and debris from your living spaces minus the hours of back breaking labor. However, the device requires that you operate it manually to get the job done.

The latest addition to their lineup is the robotic vacuum cleaner. And while you might have guessed it, these machines are designed to complete the cleaning task without any human assistance. They are automated in that they not only suck up the dirt from areas they move over, but also discard the collected dirt in the allotted receptacle and head to the charging station when their energy runs low. Here’s more on how they work.

Ergonomic Designs

Robotic vacuum cleaners are made in smaller sizes and compact designs. This is given its need to fit under furniture units and other narrow spaces. Most of them are made in round shapes or with rounded edges. They measure about 3-4 inches in height and 10 – 12 inches in diameter. They are wireless machines powered by rechargeable batteries. A few can be operated by a remote control. On the face is the control panel consisting of buttons and/or an LCD screen. The base is fitted with wheels allowing the device to move from room-to-room.

Features and Capabilities

Robotic Vacuum cleaners are fitted with brushes and filters to remove dust, dirt, lint and sand. While some models can clean only hardwood floors or only carpeted surfaces, others can make the transition from floor to low-level carpeting. They feature bumpers and infrared sensors under the hood. These sensors help it detect obstacles in its path such as walls, furniture, cliffs or stairs. Thus, it can clean close to these surfaces without bumping into them. There are dirt sensors as well. They are able to detect the level of soiling and provide extra cleaning if required.

Advanced models let you program cleaning schedules so that your it does its job in your absence. It will start the cleaning schedule at the appointed time and come back after it is done or its battery runs low. They also have voice alerts, to inform you when a cleaning session is completed. There are wall mounts and brackets for safe storage.


The maintenance of a robotic vacuum cleaner is more or less the same as a conventional vacuum cleaner. You will have to empty the bin periodically and check for dirt clogs and the brushes and filters. You will have to replace the filters for cleaning efficiency.

The Limitations

Robotic vacuum cleaners have their limitations too. They tend to snag on unleveled floors. Also, they cannot take the stairs.


There is an extensive range of robotic vacuum cleaners in a competitive price range from $100 to $1000. You can find budgeted models with basic features and pricier ones with slightly advanced capabilities. The power and performance capabilities vary based on which model you choose; so take that into consideration when choosing.

Robotic Vacuum cleaners have changed the way we clean our homes. It has increased ease and convenience greatly. Choose one that is most suited to your living space and your needs.