Hardwood Furniture: Custom-Made Dining Tables and Coffee Tables

Nothing gives a home more character than customized hardwood furniture. Having furniture pieces designed based on your own preferences allows you to express your personal taste and style, but they may cost you a lot of money. You may want to invest in only a few key hardwood furniture pieces such as custom made dining tables or coffee tables if you’re on a tight budget.

Why Choose Hardwood?

There are two general types of wood: hardwood and softwood. Many people believe hardwood is harder, heavier, and denser than softwood, but this isn’t true. Balsa, a lightweight wood, is a hardwood. The main difference is hardwood comes from angiosperm trees (trees that produce seeds with protective covering), and softwood comes from gymnosperms (trees that produce “naked” seeds). Both hardwood and softwood are great for creating furniture. Hardwood resists moisture, a trait that makes it more durable than moisture-absorbent softwood. Hardwood also has beautiful colours and grains, which look fantastic for flooring and furniture.There are many types of hardwood commonly used for furniture. If you’re looking for the best Australian hardwood furniture, though, the following types are your top choices.

* Jarrah – Jarrah’s rich reddish-brown colour and rarity outside Australia makes it one of the most sought-after hardwoods.
* Marri – Marri, or Port Gregory Gum, is highly prized for its beautiful grain and rich golden-brown colour.
* Karri – Karri is the tallest Australian hardwood tree. Its colour is pinkish with a lighter centre, which makes it look stunning after polishing.
* WA Sheoak – WA Sheoak is rare, but comes in an amazing range of colours, from reddish to yellowish brown.

All of these hardwoods grow only in Western Australia. This makes them valuable and sought-after furniture and flooring materials in other countries.

Which Pieces of Furniture Should You Get Custom-Made?

Having a single piece of custom-made hardwood furniture in a room can make a bold statement about your artistic taste. When having a piece of furniture customized, make sure it’s one of the room’s key pieces. Here are a few suggestions.

* Burl or Slab Dining Tables – It seems a waste to cut wood into smaller planks to construct a table, as it breaks up its grain. Slab tables use a large, solid piece of wood that shows off its vertical grain. Burl tables, with their natural-looking edges, show the grain from a top-down angle.
* Contemporary Coffee Tables – The hardwood furniture in your living room doesn’t have to look rustic. If you want a more modern look, there are many hardwood coffee tables done in modern or geometric designs.
* Cabinets or Chests – Hardwood storage units look great in bedrooms, and are often sturdy enough to last through many years of use.Although custom-made furniture makes your home unique and memorable, store-bought hardwood furniture pieces are still great additions to any home. You can always find ready-made hardwood pieces in furniture shops if you don’t want to trouble yourself with having your own furniture designed.

Hardwood Furniture

Hardwoods are not utilized for flooring purposes alone. They are also widely used for furniture. Hardwood furniture is remarkably sturdy and has been serving many households for many generations. Its quality has always been outstanding, but its main drawback, however, lies in the fact that furniture gets easily stained, scratched, and nicked even from just a very minor accident. While hardwood furniture is classically elegant, when it suffers damage that has not been addressed properly it will soon acquire an old and ugly look, resulting from the quick fading of its polished finish.Taking care of your hardwood furniture should start by keeping the room in which it is situated at the proper temperature. Although furniture is designed to acclimate to the humidity level inside your house, it cannot properly adjust to continually changing moisture that will shrink and expand the hardwood elements. You can avoid this, however, by using a humidifier during the winter season and air conditioner during the summer. This way, the moisture is retained, keeping the furniture always in its best condition.

Simple preventive maintenance will protect and enhance the natural beauty of the hardwood furniture. Follow the care directions in the manufacturer’s manual that came with the furniture upon purchase. Dusting the furniture with a moistened cloth lightly after spraying with a furniture spray product will remove the accumulation of abrasive particles. You can also substitute it with water and mild non-alkaline soap mixture using a damp sponge or cloth. Make sure to dry it immediately and buff lightly. Regular practice of these simple methods will maintain the furniture’s high-performance finishes and will prevent them from acquiring unsightly marks.If the furniture is spotted with dirt stain, it can be tough to remove it. There are different products of do-it-yourself furniture first aid in the market but if you’re not at all sure to do it effectively, it is best to call a professional refinisher.

Hardwood furniture is constructed for everybody to use and enjoy it. But if is not properly cared for and maintained, its purpose is defeated. However, if you have been giving it proper treatment, it will last not only last through a lifetime but will be enjoyed by generation after generation.

Hardwood Furniture – A Good Choice in Any Economy

When you are shopping for furniture, it is always tempting to skimp.  After all, most of these items are not cheap, and money is tight for most of us these days.  Before you settle for a particleboard or MDF piece, however, you should really give some consideration to buying solid hardwood furniture.  Because of its durability and potential to actually appreciate over time, it will prove to be a better value in the long run.

Let’s say you are in need of a bookcase for your encyclopedia.  Those volumes are not exactly light!  You can run over to the discount store and pick up an inexpensive press board unit that will take you an hour or two to assemble.  It may not look that great, and the shelves will start to sag, but think of all the money you’ve saved… or have you?What if you invested in a solid wood bookcase instead?  No do-it-yourself work is required, and the inherent strength of the natural wood will hold up much better to those massive tomes.  Then, decades from now, you may have the pleasure of finding out it is worth more than you paid for it.  Not such a bad deal, is it?

Finally, there is the sheer beauty of real wood.  Wouldn’t you rather enjoy the warmth of genuine walnut or maple instead of veneer?  The cheapest particleboard furnishings look like they have wallpaper on them.  Also, once that veneer is scratched or punctured, it will never look the same.  Solid wood can be repaired with a bit of sandpaper and a touch of stain or varnish.In tough economic times, we are all inclined to cut a few corners to save a few bucks.  When it comes to furniture, though, perhaps you should think twice.  Keeping one or two extra dollars in your pocket right now could cost you a lot more down the road.